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Doing What Works logo 181013You’re best pals with someone and now that person has decided the friendship’s over. Just like that! Now what? Figure out what went wrong? Good luck. Jane and I will discuss something we bet you’ve pondered, what makes some friendships run their course -- and whether there’s ever a graceful way to ease out of a friendship. What if you can't abide a friend's spouse or children? Then what? And what the heck does it mean to be a friend, anyway?

Doing What Works logo 181013Your siblings. When you’re growing up, sometimes it feels like you can’t live with them. When you’re an adult it often feels like you can’t live without them. Much of your identity is shaped by your siblings, Jane says. Real growth, she adds, comes from staying in a committed relationship and working it out. No, you didn't choose your siblings. Yes, there's an infinity of things you can learn from each other. It does depend on all of you being willing to work it out. Let the games begin!

Doing What Works logo 181013You have limitations. We all do. Have you ever considered how much more fun life is because of them? Limitations are like the rules of a board game. Here are the parameters. Go! As you add people -- spouses and children, colleagues, even friends -- it’s the combination of those limitations that make life even more interesting...and more fun.