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Doing What Works logo 181013Are you forever looking to friends and family for approval? Are you putting off a dream because you're spooked by what they might think? In this installment of Doing What Works with Anderson and Brody, Jane and I hope you'll be inspired to stop worrying about whether your plans make sense to other people. It isn't their lives we're talking about!

Doing What Works logo 181013Do you know what you want out of life, or are you afraid to admit that -- even to yourself? In this episode of the show we talk about how to discover what it is you really want and stake your claim to it. We also talk about how to set those intentions and why writing them down helps. Are you ready to stop dithering and start doing?

Doing What Works logo 181013Your dreams didn’t land on you because they belong to someone else, so take them seriously. You'll go crazy if you try to push them down. They will not be denied. This installment of the show just might help you get your hopes up, stay focused on what you want, and not worry so much about how it'll happen.