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Doing What Works logo 181013How tethered are you to your devices? Jane found out recently when a cascade of electronic misfortune immobilized her. She vowed to become less dependent on her screens, and in this episode of Doing What Works with Anderson and Brody you might be inspired to indulge in a bit of digital detox yourself. In the meantime we hope you’re not jeopardizing the brain development of your children -- or squandering your time with them -- by letting them become addicted to the siren call of a cell phone.

Doing What Works logo 181013Emotions are like the weather, ever-changing. Jane suggests you not get too attached to them or even label them. Maureen suggests you cut back (way back!) on added sugar. You might not believe the mood lift you’ll get. And if you weren't taught it's okay to feel what you feel, there's still time to learn how to acknowledge what you're feeling as you let it pass right on through.

Is balance overrated?
November 17, 2018

Doing What Works logo 181013Have you noticed what we have, that the happiest people don't necessarily have a perfectly balanced life? If you're obsessed by one thing, congratulations. You haven't fallen into the trap of thinking you have to have it "all" (whatever that means) or have it all, all at once. Here's hoping you have enough bedlam to keep things interesting, and enough downtime to rest up in between.