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Doing What Works logo 181013You manage what you measure, as the saying goes. Whether you're counting pennies or calories or steps, there's magic in the accounting. Just as importantly, put those spreadsheets aside daily ... and chase more smiles. That's the way to a meaningful life.

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Ever thought about taking a class on improv? Well, now's your chance. We'll at least whet your appetite for, if not a class in improv, an approach to life that's improv. It's one secret to happiness, and Jane -- who's an acting teacher -- will show you why.

Doing What Works logo 181013What do you think when you hit a brick wall? Do you take it as a sign you shouldn't be going after your dream? If you're open to other ways of looking at a brick wall, we have some! Maybe it's made of fake brick. Maybe you're using it as an excuse to give up. Or maybe someone you know has scaled something similar, and can show you how to do that.