The Podcast

Jane Sobel Klonsky bookWhat is it about the bond people have with their senior dogs? Jane Sobel Klonsky’s new book, Unconditional, is a tribute to it. Jane's a professional photographer, was the official photographer for the New York City Marathon for ten years, and has not only advice for people who aspire to a career like hers -- but a gentle warning for people who are tempted to "borrow" work like hers!

Carolyn AckermanYou might not believe how devoted Carolyn Ackerman is to animal welfare. I’ll give you a hint: each pet bunny gets its own airplane seat! Maybe you’ve heard it said that you can handle any “what” if you have a big enough “why.” Every business Carolyn’s owned -- including her latest, a residential and commercial painting company -- helps fund animal shelters and animal rescue efforts.

Nick Morgan photo 2015What’s it like to have an in-person coaching session with an expert on public speaking when you’re a beginner? With an expert on reading body language when yours just sort of screams, “Who am I trying to kid?” With an expert on structuring a presentation when yours is kind of a mess? I’ll tell you. It’s a blast. Darrell and Katie and I had so much fun when we got Dr. Nick Morgan all to ourselves during a nor’easter in Boston this spring!

Tess WhitehurstHow does the design of your home or office make you feel? It matters, you know. Feng shui expert Tess Whitehurst can help you trust your instincts, make some adjustments, and be happier and more productive because you did. Tess will give you lots of ideas that are easy to implement -- and will help your space support the person you want to be.