The Podcast

Larry StuartThe Spirit of Hospitality author Larry Stuart is eager for you to enjoy this hour of radio. He grew up around a lot of famous people, and in the course of making them feel at home he learned how to make everyone feel at home. He’ll show you how to make your hotel guests (guests, not customers) feel welcome, your children feel nurtured, and the people you work with feel appreciated. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, necessarily. But you do have to pay attention.

Richard GallagherYou have a great marriage. You can have a better one! It starts with this hour of advice from marriage and family therapist Rich Gallagher. Do you want to work with a marriage-friendly therapist? What is that, by the way? How do you find the right therapist? Rich will give you a lot to think about -- and act on -- whether your marriage is in trouble or just needs a tuneup.

Matthew DicksBecoming a good storyteller will make you a better presenter. A better communicator. A better interviewee. It will help you be more persuasive, more attractive, more interesting, and more memorable. Storyworthy author Matthew Dicks is memorable. He’s a bestselling novelist, 36-time Moth StorySLAM champion, and five-time GrandSLAM champion. He teaches. He writes. He performs. He and his wife founded Speak Up, which produces sold-out storytelling performances throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York at least once a month.