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Jan Jones newHow can executive assistants make the lives of those executives easier? Let Jan Jones count the ways! She’s the author of The CEO’s Secret Weapon and used to be the assistant to motivational icon Tony Robbins. Jan learned as a young girl to speak up, which served her well as an assistant and now as a speaker promoting her book and helping executives and their assistants. Jan’s energy is infectious and I can’t wait for you to hear this show!

Nanci Danison“What is the first thing you remember after you died?” I think that’s the first time I’ve asked someone that! Nanci Danison had her first near-death experience in 1994 -- and what she learned from that one and the others (yep, there were others!) will keep you spellbound. Nanci’s the author of Backwards: Returning to Our Source for Answers. It’s difficult to condense infinite wisdom into an hour of radio, but we did our best!

Are you healthy?
July 29, 2017

Day bookYou have a lot of control over how healthy you are as you age! Dr. John Day and his wife, Jane Day, authors of The Longevity Plan, will inspire you. They’ve spent a lot of time in a bucolic village in China where people don’t get sick very often, and often live -- and thrive -- past the age of a hundred. Yep. Turns out there is a fountain of youth, and I can’t wait to let the Days tell you about it!

Daniel AmenChange Your Brain, Change Your Life author Dr. Daniel Amen doubts you've had much if any training on the proper care of your brain. We can help fix that, the same way Dr. Amen's course for high school kids fixes it. A preview? Don’t play football, don’t eat junk, don’t smoke pot. Taking good care of your brain will help get you a date, get you into college, and get you a job. Believe Dr. Amen when he suggests you not believe everything you think!

Chris PrentissIf you’re still addicted to drugs or alcohol after a twelve-step program you won’t want to miss my conversation with Chris Prentiss. His son, Pax, got addicted to heroin as a teenager. With Chris’s help, Pax eventually healed so thoroughly the two men decided to help others. They wrote a book together, The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure, and founded Passages Malibu.

Michael LevineIf you consider yourself a victim you’ve entered into a suicide pact. So says media expert Michael Levine. He got bad cards but he played the hand he was dealt -- all the way to representing a record-breaking 58 Academy Award winners, 34 Grammy Award winners, and 43 New York Times bestsellers. Michael has zero patience for things like safe spaces. Life is difficult, it isn’t fair, it doesn’t revolve around you -- but it’s winnable. Start here.