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Are you teachable?
August 17, 2019

Doing What Works logo 181013You may never feel like doing the hard work of learning something new. What if you did it anyway? Before you know it you may feel like a brand-new person. Yes, it requires an admission you do have a lot to learn. Yes, it's worth it. How else are you going to step into bigger roles? And is there any bigger gift to a child than a parent who's still learning and growing?

Doing What Works logo 181013Did your parents show you it was okay to challenge authority? Jane and I hope so. That’s what will inspire you to call out your company's unsafe practices, for example, even though you might get fired. And when your doctor suggests getting an X-ray that feels unnecessary? You'll be more likely to ask, "What will happen if I don't?" Blind obedience is for toddlers who need to safely cross the street. Otherwise? What's the harm in asking, "Are we all sure this is the right course of action right now?"

Doing What Works logo 181013"I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm sorry you bumped into me. I'm sorry you interrupted me when I was talking. I'm sorry I need a place to sit and..." Oh my gosh, do you see what's happening here? You're apologizing for being here, and we hope we can inspire you to stop that. If you've done something wrong or you've hurt someone, an apology may very well be in order -- and we have ways to offer one that will restore the balance in your relationship. Because that's what you're doing, right? You're keeping your interactions on an equal footing.