The Podcast

Dr. James HardtYou can wake up your brain by quieting the thinking mind. I learned how to do that at the Biocybernaut Institute, and founder Dr. Jim Hardt joins us on the show to explain what happened. Tony Robbins called this training I got “one of the most valuable things” he’s ever done. You can learn why in this hour. You’ll have fun. Promise. And I hope you'll consider going on the same adventure I did!

new Aaron BaughmanESPN Fantasy Football. The Masters. The Grammy Awards. What do these things have in common? Aaron Baughman’s worked on all of them. Aaron’s Principal AI Architect and Master Inventor within IBM’s Interactive Experience. I hope you enjoy this tour of Aaron’s career. If you’re as enchanted by big data as he is, you'll also love hearing about the prospects for employment in that field.

Vince GennaHave you ever been tempted to get a reading from a psychic? I bet you’ll be really tempted after this interview with Vince Genna. He doesn't just bring his clients messages from other worlds; he helps them process those. In this hour we talk about communicating with people who’ve died, we talk about ghosts, and we talk about one of my past lives! Vince’s life is straight out of a movie and I can’t wait for you to hear his story.