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Michele Payn bookWorried about where your food comes from or how it’s produced? Let Food Truths from Farm to Table author Michele Payn put you at ease. She hopes you won’t let terms like “GMO” or “biotech” scare you. She’ll walk you through some of the reasons they shouldn’t, and if you want to learn even more you can turn to her bestselling book.

Steven David ElliotIs the term “networking event” the simultaneously anxiety-ridden and yawn-inducing proposition for you that it’s been for me? Rockstar Connect founder Steven David Elliot will inspire you to think of networking events as a productive and fun way to spend an evening. Bonus feature: You’ll never believe what, as a kid, he sold door-to-door!

Florence Ann RomanoThe better the nanny, the more affection your children will feel for the person. The Windy City Nanny, Florence Ann Romano, says it’s natural to be a little jealous. She’ll help you think of parenting as a team sport. Florence Ann’s the author of Nanny and Me, and you'll love her brilliant, whimsical advice on being a good nanny or parent.

How adventurous are you?
September 9, 2017

Kacey KlonskyWhen Kacey Klonsky was growing up, she went with her parents on photo shoots all over the world. You can trace her childhood on Getty Images, by the way, because she was also a model for their stock photography. So of course she became a filmmaker and photographer. Her film, Love Unleashed, is getting rave reviews -- and it’ll inspire you to think bolder about your life.