The Podcast

Corinne ZupkoAre you wired for worry, crippled by anxiety? From Anxiety to Love author Corinne Zupko might be able to help. Corinne’s almost painfully honest about how anxious she used to be, and that’s one reason she’s relatable and easy to trust. Your life’s too important to let anything hold you back. Corinne will inspire you to find your way.

Jane Velez MitchellThere are probably as many ways out of addiction as there are people. This is Jane Velez-Mitchell’s story. She’s the author of iWant: My Journey From Addiction and Overconsumption to a Simpler, Honest Life. Jane’s mission in life is to extend the boundaries of compassion to all forms of life. If you’re a meat eater and proud of it, you won’t like everything Jane says!

Diamond Dallas PageFormer professional wrestler Diamond Dallas Page was in the ring at an age when most people have retired from the sport, and audiences loved him because he was the underdog. His new obsession is DDP Yoga -- which combines “the very best of traditional yoga, old-school calisthenics, sports rehabilitation therapy, and dynamic resistance.”