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Are you excited to get up in the morning and tear into another day? Or do you dread everything about it? Do you ever wonder, "Is that all there is?" Even if what gnaws at you is mostly background, we want to put the bounce back in your step.

Hi. I'm Maureen Anderson, host of Doing What Works, nationally syndicated radio talk show that helps you fix what you don't like about your life. We talk to the experts about finding work you love, being healthy, even getting along better with your teenager -- and we share those conversations with you.

I hope you can catch the show on one of dozens of affiliates across the country, but if you never want to miss an interview you can subscribe to the podcast. For quick bursts of inspiration, subscribe to my blog or check out my HuffPost archives. You can follow me on Twitter for fun, buy one of my books, or hire me as a speaker.

This photograph was taken by Danielle Laporte. It's of my favorite place in the world, Manhattan -- at my favorite time of day, dusk. It looks like you've arrived somewhere exciting, doesn't it? That's how I want you to feel about your life.! 

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    How easy are you to do business with? The Convenience Revolution author Shep Hyken says customers will pay more for convenience and be more loyal to you for offering it. Shep's a blast. You'll have fun, and learn a lot. 

    Listen Sunday at 11a Eastern. There's a refeed at 11p.


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    Words have weight, a friend once pointed out. What are you saddling your sweethearts with?

    It’s never a bad move to replace judgment with curiosity.

    Babies are like horses, aren’t they? There’s no faking it with them. They pick up on even subtle shifts in energy.

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