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When I set out to write The Willpower Workaround I considered collaborating with a doctor or a nutritionist for credibility. The response was, shall we say, underwhelming. The professionals I approached kind of patted me on the head and acted like there was no way someone without their credentials could come up with anything worth sharing.

I’d smile. I’d thank them for sharing that. Then I’d keep writing.

I wasn’t writing it for them, after all. I was writing it for you.

The best ideas often follow this pattern: “That’s crazy.” And then, “That’s really interesting.” And finally, “That’s genius!”

Ever notice that?

It’s one reason, when I told a friend many years ago about what would become The Willpower Workaround, I hadn’t flinched. She’d thought it was crazy. I knew better. Her reaction didn’t bother me a bit.

Well, maybe a little.

But not for long!

The Willpower Workaround cover for the home pageIf you need to lose weight but you don’t know how, maybe I can help.

Here’s hoping!

Darrell and I found ourselves in unfamiliar territory recently, sharing an apartment with someone who has a pet turtle. Every night I’d tiptoe back to our bedroom through the kitchen where that turtle holds court in his cramped aquarium. His eyes follow your every move. It’s creepy.

After a couple of nights I had a stroke of what felt like genius. I decided not to look at the turtle anymore.

It reminded me that all of life is a test of focus.

I have more than a little correspondence from new college moms in my inbox at the moment.

“Being a college mom was a blast,” I told one of them. “After those first five or six weeks of wandering around aimlessly, sobbing.”

Sometimes the only way to feel better is to let yourself feel even worse.

Once upon a time I thought I was ready for kindergarten.

I was wrong.

smiley face for the blogI’m good at worrying. It’s kind of a gift. Give me enough time and I’ll find some reason to worry about everything.

Except adding a smiley face or two to an eMail. No sense worrying about that, right?


Don’t let anyone tell you there’s no recipe for being a good parent. There is. Pay attention. Make lots of memories. Repeat.

I’d have difficulty improving on the advice given in this essay.