What’s not worth cheaping out on?
November 7, 2019

For the past eleven years I’ve lived in a house that didn’t have doors, a functioning kitchen, or even a couch. I’ve been doing dishes in the bathtub, going for a drive if I want to sit in anything but an office chair, and bathing by candlelight as much for the privacy as the mood.

Would it surprise you if we hadn’t washed the windows for several years?

the windowThe evening I wrote this post Darrell had just come in from outside with a report on those windows. He was almost finished washing them. Every window. After all those years. He hadn’t been out there very long. How was this possible?

The right squeegee, that’s how. He splurged on a good one, and you should’ve seen the look on his face after he’d been using it only as long as he had. Wow.

The old Darrell would’ve tried to get by with a bargain squeegee. That was before he splurged on a miter saw of the highest (or almost highest) quality this spring. If you’re going to trim up windows and install baseboard and you don’t want it to look like you did it yourself, I highly recommend whatever miter saw we have.

It got to be kind of a joke. Darrell would ask me to take a break from whatever it was to come admire the latest. “Would you look at this?” he’d say, running his fingers along an almost imperceptible seam. “Have I ever seen you this happy?” I’d counter. I mean, really. You know what they say. If Dad ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. It doesn’t take all that much to keep Dad happy, though. Just let him retire to the garage with a project…and the right tools!