What’s your liftoff sequence?
October 10, 2019

TorontoDo you remember packing for college? I do. I remember my bed piled high with books and clothes and papers. So many papers. I went through every one, deciding what would make the cut.

I didn’t realize it then, but that would become the routine. Forever.

Every time I’ve moved, it’s the same. I go through everything I own to see if I still want to own it. And because I moved at least every few years, I never accumulated enough to make the project unmanageable.

Until now. Darrell and I have lived in the same house since the week we found out there’d be a Katie, and there’s a lot of everything to go through. Well, not clothes or toys or even furniture. We took care of all that a while back.

But papers? My goodness. So many papers. You know what I suddenly realize? How heavy boxes can get when they’re packed with paper. A friend once told me words have weight. I didn’t realize she was being literal!

That paper was weighing me down in more ways than one. Every day I let go of another pile. Every day I feel lighter and better. By the time we drive away from this place for the last time I half-expect to fly to our destination. On my own power. That’s how empowering the process is.