Do you stand on ceremony?
October 3, 2019

birthday dessertOne of the most difficult things about the “’til death do you part” business is that you won’t be the same person five years from now, let alone fifty. You might not think celebrating special occasions, for example, matters that much until you realize how little it matters to someone else.

Then what?

Then I hope you’re getting those needs met elsewhere, that’s what. Maybe your friends throw you parties when you get a promotion, your kid’s forever writing you letters you’re tempted to frame they’re that sweet, whatever.

I’ve known women whose husbands were so uninterested in the supposedly romantic side of things I couldn’t understand how they could stand to be in the same room with them, let alone hang in there until that last breath. Where would you put that resentment?

Only to learn those wives kept their eyes on the proverbial ball. Their husbands didn’t cheat, practically raced them to the chores, and took every opportunity to sing their praises to other people. For all the objections those husbands had to spending even twenty dollars on a restaurant meal, their wives had the good sense to keep their two cents to themselves.

No, you won’t get everything you want. Neither will the person you married. Those are the parameters. Are you going to focus on what isn’t there? Or delight in what is?

It’s your choice! And your future.