What is it you’re really after?
October 1, 2019

My favorite way to learn is in person. Had I read What Color Is Your Parachute? again in my thirties the way I had in my teens, I’d probably still be lost. At a two-week retreat in the mountains with the author of that book, Dick Bolles? That’s where I found myself. So to speak.

Dick showered not just me but everyone with attention. It was intoxicating. He made us, each of us, feel special -- and suddenly I realize why I love even editing suggestions. The attention! “Here’s what works, here’s what doesn’t, here’s how you can do better.”

Is that why so many of us love “Mom” so much? If you were lucky enough to grow up with a good one, Mom’s your forever person. Other people can only hurt you to a point. It’s hard work, this business of growing up and being a grownup. You need a safe place to fall, as the saying goes. If that safe place happens to be at the kitchen table with your mom, great. At a workshop with a father figure like Dick Bolles became for me, also great. Just do yourself a favor and find someone with whom learning is a less scary proposition. That person gets the fun of helping, and you’ll get the fun of becoming a new person.