Who lights the way?
August 13, 2019

Have you heard of Improv Everywhere? Nothing screams “Click on me!” like a reference to that group. I even love the name. It’s a great reminder to move through the world more playfully, with more of a sense of adventure.

Could we face even suffering that way?

Gary Zukav makes me think, “Maybe.” Gary suggests we look at suffering as a negative current we’re caught in. We aren’t at the mercy of it. We can detach.

I discovered Gary’s work when Katie was a baby. She’d nurse while I watched Oprah. I learned a lot from Gary. He’s what I imagined the Messiah to be. If the Messiah came to earth in the late nineties, what would he do? Would he wear a robe and sandals and try to round up a few fishermen? I think he’d write a book and be a guest on Oprah.