What will you sacrifice?
August 12, 2019

It isn’t so much what you want, I once heard, as what you’re willing to give up to get it.

That’s the position Darrell and I found ourselves in many years ago, when we had to spend a lot of money to get someone to pay us what he’d agreed. The risk was that we’d not only not get what he owed us, but that we’d also have to pay our attorney for the privilege of finding that out.

We didn’t flinch. We’d done our homework, we’d assessed the odds, we took our shot.

And we prevailed.

The money we had to give our attorney, I’d later decide, was more a test of our resolve than anything. “I felt like Abraham,” I teased Darrell. “Abraham!” he said, smiling big. “I’m impressed.” A moment later: “And what was the name of the son he offered?” I smiled. “Isaac!” I said, triumphant.

Darrell asked what happened next. “God changed his mind…” I said.

Darrell smiled at me approvingly -- the way, oh, the Heavenly Father might -- but wrinkled his nose as I continued.

“And they all went out for pizza.”