Do you aspire to a poker face?
August 1, 2019

My good friends all have something in common. They love to watch me watch other people. That’s because every emotion reads like a news ticker across my forehead.

I’ve been apologizing for that aspect of my character my entire life. Jane makes me think I should stop.

“Number one,” she says, “facial expressions are difficult if not impossible to control.”

Number two?

“Why would you want to?”

card game for the blogI told her many if not most of the most successful people I know, or know of, are good at hiding their emotions. I reminded her how often I’d heard the suggestion in Corporate America to cultivate that poker face. It’s a power thing.

“And that’s why I feel so bad for people who work in Corporate America!” Jane said.

Oh. Good point. Is that really the game I want to be playing? No. So why would I aspire to following those rules?

Never mind!