When is a compliment not a compliment?
July 9, 2019

“You look great!”

Nothing wrong with telling someone that, right?


If you’re saying it because the person is suddenly slender, he may wonder just how awful you thought he looked before. And unless you’re sure he owes the weight loss to a better diet and more exercise, definitely keep it zipped. Weight loss is small consolation to someone who’s seriously ill.

If you’re saying it to a woman who looks gorgeous, really gorgeous, without makeup -- but rarely goes without it -- go ahead and say it, but not so often she wonders if you don’t like her the way she apparently likes herself.

If you’re telling people in the office they look great, be prepared for at least the occasional person to take it the wrong way (read: a way you didn’t intend). It’s probably better to let the sparkle in your eyes tell people you’re happy to be working with them, and get back to work!