When’s a good time to butt in?
July 4, 2019

Google“Let me Google that for you.” You’ve probably heard the expression. It’s a way of telling people they’re being lazy by posing you a question they could’ve asked the Internet.

But what about the reverse? What about researching something you’re sure someone’s already asked the Internet, as if you’re endowed with some sort of searching superpower? What would be the point?

Katie was wrestling with a serious problem recently, and I knew she’d researched it. That’s who she is. I couldn’t imagine discovering something online she’d missed.

But I really, really hated the problem she was having. I couldn’t let it go. And I remembered how many times I’d gotten better answers from searches than other people had because I’d asked different questions. I tried that with Katie’s problem and…it helped.

That’s why not every breakthrough comes from someone with an advanced degree. Sometimes your lack of experience -- and fresh perspective -- is the key to a solution.