How is care made visible?
July 1, 2019

Whenever possible, we record our radio interviews over landlines. Real ones. Not internet impersonations. In our experience (we’re talking many thousands of hours of experience), a landline connection almost always sounds better than its cell counterpart.

A while back someone couldn’t quite put her finger on the hour of pristine audio we thought we’d captured. So Darrell, to his dismay, set to work on producing the show with the backup, her cell audio. Six hours later he leaned back in his chair. Finished.

At which point the woman eMailed him to say she’d found the other file.

Now what? It did occur to Darrell to call it good -- but for less time than it’s taking you to read this sentence! He took a breath. Then he got back to work for another six hours.

Which reminds me of the story about a cabinetmaker who was as meticulous about the back of a drawer as he was with the front of it. “Why?” someone asked. “No one will ever know.” To which the classy cabinetmaker replied, “I will know.”

Excellence is a habit. It’s who you are.