What’s anticipation worth?
June 11, 2019

There’s a song I listen to that calls up the dazzling summer afternoon when I first heard it. I was having lunch with a few of my favorite people, and we were about to stroll past what I was sure would be the command post in a few months for one of the sweetest weekends of my life.

It didn’t really work out that way. And by that I mean, not one tiny little bit.

Once in a while you’ll hear me say things like, “The worst times often make the best memories.”

What a crock! In this case. But the extent to which things would unravel taught me all over again how much joy there is in the anticipation. Not even the spectacular fail of this particular weekend can spoil my memory of how much I’d looked forward to it.

That’s not nothing.

It’s been years, and I can still be consumed with joy at the thought, or consumed with grief at the afterthought.

That’s life for you, isn’t it? A test of focus!