Do you make room for the silly?
March 12, 2019

It’s Ungodly Hour O’Clock in our hotel room in the Twin Cities, and everything that could help us wake up is ringing or beeping. Darrell has the telephone receiver to his ear, and considering how sure I am it’s an automated wakeup I can’t understand why he doesn’t hang up right away.

“She had a nice voice,” he said!

My laughter suggested I’d never heard anything more funny in my life. Blame it on sleep deprivation, but give me this: I’m a good audience. It’s been almost two years and every now and then I’ll remind Darrell how hilarious that was.

He doesn’t mind.

Once in a while one of us -- or Katie, for that matter -- will say it again: “There’s no better feeling than making each other laugh.” The reason? None of us laughs to be polite. You have to earn it. When you do? Oh

Has it upped our conversational game? I think so. We crave those hits of approval, seek out more of the silly, and the ripples keep spreading.