Are you afraid to ask for help?
March 7, 2019

2014 04 24 phone thumbBefore a little voice in your phone gave you directions to wherever it is you wanted to go, people just asked each other for help. I guess they still do sometimes. Even in New York! In fact Katie’s friend grew some facial hair so he “wouldn’t look as nice” so people would stop asking him for directions.

But in general? No problem.

It isn’t even a problem if you need directions to more than just the airport. Let’s say you’d like some help with your career from someone who’s way ahead of you. Look at it from that person’s perspective. What’s more fun than being told you’re an expert on something and being asked to please -- oh, please -- share how you became such a success?

Not only that, but the object of your admiration might have someone at home who’s had just about enough of those stories, and would welcome the break. Being a good audience is hard work, after all. Letting you fill in for a change? Everybody wins.