Do you really want to talk about the weather?
March 6, 2019

I’m sitting in a coffee shop just off a fancy grocery store in downtown Minneapolis with a good friend I haven’t seen in years. I can’t remember what we talked about at first, but I told her that based on what she’d just said the conversation could’ve gone in five completely different directions.

She was so struck by that. Which struck me right back. She notices me noticing things. Then we talk about why those things and not other things. There’s nothing too insignificant to dissect, to chew over endlessly, to file away in the “to be continued” folder.

The two of us could go twenty years without so much as an exchange of texts, then reunite and talk for ten hours straight. I’m not sure what it is. We just click. It’s intense. And it never, ever gets old.

If you find someone like that, a “forever friend” as she calls it, I hope you remember to tell her once in a while how much she means to you. Which I plan on doing as soon as this post is up!