May I help you?
January 23, 2019

A friend of mine was fast becoming a diabetic. She’d found out almost by accident, when she went to the doctor for an unrelated -- and minor -- problem.

Now what? The doctor wisely proposed a few lifestyle changes to begin with. A better diet, more exercise, that sort of thing. My friend, the patient, wisely took the suggestions seriously.

She and I had been talking about my diet for years. She’d occasionally tease me about it, but it was always in a blanket of respect. Suddenly my diet was her diet. Just like that! What we eat is so similar she even calls it The Plan, the nickname our family gave The Willpower Workaround. She’d been exercising consistently before this, but now she exercises religiously.

And guess what? Within two months -- two months! -- her numbers were great. Not only “not problematic,” great.

Bullet dodged.

I don’t know if The Willpower Workaround will ever be a thing, however you define it. Doesn’t matter. My friend’s experience renewed my determination to keep sharing that story. She would’ve made the changes regardless, granted. But she knew from talking with me all these years it wasn’t a death sentence. To the contrary. She’s losing weight without making that a project, she feels terrific, and what she eats is delicious. Is it difficult to pass up goodies at work, drinks at the bar, something gooey just because? Of course. Are those worth a life-threatening illness? Of course not.

This woman can tell you better than I can: “There’s no free lunch.” We’re okay with that.