Who inspires you?
January 22, 2019

There’s one thing I don’t miss about the way we used to do the talk show, interviewing a different guest every week -- which is finding a different person to interview every week. Especially if that person was a celebrity. Celebrities are fun but they’re a lot of work. You’re not generally working with the celebs in advance of the interview. You’re working with their people, and the more people involved the more likely things will go wrong. Worth it? I guess.

It would’ve definitely been worth it had I had the opportunity to talk with someone who writes stories -- and especially headlines -- for The Onion. On a recent walk back to Katie’s apartment from possibly the dreamiest night we’ve ever spent in Manhattan (which is saying a lot), we kept swapping Onion headlines as we tried desperately not to fall over with laughter. Have I ever had this much fun? Well, yes. A few minutes earlier! But this was the icing on that proverbial cake.

Katie once told me she hopes to be as silly as me one day. Who needs an Academy Award when your child has that to report? But I can imagine my acceptance speech: “I’d like to thank the folks at The Onion…”