How do you compensate for your limitations?
January 17, 2019

clockI’m really bad at estimating the length of time a task will take. You don’t have to take my word for it. We call it “Mom time,” which is code for “anybody’s guess.”

“How much longer before you’re ready?” Darrell will ask. For example. I’ll give him an estimate. He takes the estimate, doubles it -- and then multiplies it by three. Or whatever. Then he goes back to whatever he was doing before he decided posing that question was worth his time.

I compensate for this aspect of my character by making a calculation similar to the one I just joked that Darrell does, and rarely book appointments close together. I’m almost never late to anything because I build in lots of margin. There’s plenty of white space in my calendar.

You probably know people who are wildly optimistic about how quickly they can navigate rush hour, beg out of a meeting, or finish a report -- only to forever be disappointing you. How does it feel to get a text from them to say they’ll be late? It’s better than nothing, as they say, but not by much.

Maybe you’ve heard eighty percent of success is showing up. Bonus points if you’re on time!