Are you a good driver?
January 15, 2019

There’s an intersection in town that makes me jittery. Teenagers often ignore the stop sign or race toward the stop sign as if they’re going to ignore it. I don’t trust them to stop. If there’s another vehicle anywhere near the intersection as we approach I get a little anxious. Which used to make Darrell more than a little anxious.

Not anymore!

Now we’re both anxious -- or at least, on guard -- not only at this intersection but everywhere else. Why? How many people text while driving.

The other night we almost got into a head-on collision with a van that crossed the centerline of four lanes of traffic right into the path of our Honda. Darrell had just enough time to (1) move us out of harm’s way, and (2) see the driver was texting. We narrowly avoided something really, really bad.

Darrell used to think I was too defensive while driving. Now we both think there’s no such thing.

Be careful out there.