What mark are you making?
January 10, 2019

140707 5In an elementary school art class in a small town in northwestern Minnesota, the children are on the floor under their desks. They’re painting their little-kid masterpieces on paper that’s been taped to the underside of those desks, each child a Michelangelo in the making.

What a picture, huh?

It’s been years, and I doubt I’m the only one whose heart does a little dance when she sees that art teacher around town. We showered Katie’s teachers with appreciation when she was in school and for many years after that. I’m sure this gentleman knows what we think of him. What he might not know is how fondly we’ll always think of him.

Recently I got an eMail from a listener in Holland, Michigan. She was asking about an interview I did with Dr. Darcia Narvaez, psychology professor at the University of Notre Dame, almost two years ago. Darcia talked at great length about the importance of not letting your baby “cry it out.” The listener wanted a copy of the interview to give to a new mom.

I don’t mind telling you I live for things like this. But the most interesting thing, to me, was what I was doing the day before I heard from that listener -- wondering, as I bet you sometimes do, if your work really matters.

Maybe it does!