What calms you down?
January 5, 2019

Detroit LakesA guy I used to know was in a high-powered job at a big company and was tasked -- from the outside looking in, at least -- with tearing down a few mountain ranges and putting them back together in a configuration more pleasing to upper management. It was quite the assignment. He had a lot of work to do, and not a lot of time to do it in.

I remember having pizza with him one night. He was eating so fast it was as if he was in a contest.

What strikes me the most about this gentleman was how often he’d get home from work, change into his running clothes right away, and come back ten miles later.

Wait a second. Wasn’t that more stress? Well, yes. At first! And then it was less. So much less.

I couldn’t get over that.

It was about that time I wanted to lose ten pounds for a high school reunion. It didn’t take much running to take care of them. I was hooked. And I soon learned running did more for my mood than my looks. To the extent anything has worked since, I attribute it to three words: running is magic.

I would eventually add three more words: sugar is crack.

And one more word for good measure: sleep.

Did I miss anything?