What makes you glad to be alive?
December 4, 2018

sailboatIt’s big news in our small town, when the lake is going to freeze. So much anticipation! So many bets. So much endless conversation. It’s just water, for crying out loud. When it gets cold enough, water freezes. So what?

Me? I’m back in September and October, the two months of the year I’m least likely to dread running. The weather’s perfect, and the scenery is otherworldy.

There’s just something about the way the sunlight hits the water. You can’t look at it directly without hurting your eyes, but it’s difficult to look away. Those liquid crystal fireworks make you wonder if you’ve seen anything more beautiful in your life.

Every season has its treasures. I hope you make time to take them in. Watching them on your screen doesn’t count! Nothing makes you feel like you can breathe again like a few gulps of the great outdoors.