Are you glad it isn’t February?
December 2, 2018

Quick. Rank your favorite months. I’ll go first. August is my favorite, followed closely by October and then February.

February earned its spot when I was in the sixth grade. I got a valentine from a boy. On purpose. Because he liked me. The best part? I liked him, too. I liked him a lot. February came to represent promise, and potential. There’s plenty of winter left, granted -- but there’s more of that behind you than ahead. You know you’ll survive.

Ed Weathers (note the name!) isn’t sure. In the “Points to Ponder” section of Reader’s Digest he once described February thusly: “February is not the coldest month, or the windiest or the snowiest. It is simply the meanest and ugliest. You want to kick February in the knee. You want to insult February’s mother. You want to give a party and not invite February.”

Sorry, Ed. I’m so enchanted by this, I love February even more!