Can you override your supposed destiny?
December 1, 2018

When Katie was little I perused a list of baby names that supposedly increased the odds a child would be a success. Her name wasn’t on it. “That’s no good,” I decided.

This was back when Katie Couric had more of a presence on television than she does now. Every time that Katie appeared on the screen I told my toddler, “It just goes to show how far you can go with a name like Katie!” My Dr. Seuss-like observation stuck. We’ve invoked it often over the years, well into Katie’s adulthood.

Kids don’t necessarily remember what you say, granted. It’s what you do. Unless you say something often enough. Then it burrows into their little brains the same way advertising messages do. Annoying? Maybe. But they work.

What are you forever telling your sweethearts?