Do you discount an emoji as frivolous?
November 27, 2018

Someone who commented on a blog I read wondered how to thank people for the books they’ve written when it’s difficult to find mailing addresses for those authors.

Reviews, duh.

So I replied to that comment with, “Reviews!” I didn’t hit “send,” though. I knew I wanted to sound helpful, breezy, fun. What I’d written could’ve come across as bossy. So I added a smiley face. Much better. Maybe even perfect. I mean, who knows? There was no reply to my reply. But Dr. Nick Morgan was sure I’d done my best.

Nick’s the author of a new book on the perils of virtual communication, Can You Hear Me? He thinks an emoji’s a great way to add emotion to messages that can easily be taken the wrong way. Don’t let anyone tell you they’re silly. Coming off as bossy when you mean to be breezy? That would be silly.

Nick joined us on the show recently to talk about how to connect more deeply with people, virtually or otherwise -- and he shared what’s possibly the best relationship advice I’ve ever heard. You’ll hear it (read: read it) in my next post.