How do you know you’re home?
November 1, 2018

A woman who used to travel a lot for work remembers coming home from one trip in particular. She looked out the window of her apartment. Her view was of a brick wall. “How much are they going to have to pay me,” she wondered, “to make me forget how much I hate my life?”

She didn’t feel at home in her job, she didn’t feel at home in her life, she didn’t feel home at home.

As opposed to Katie’s report when she found her place: “It makes me want to twirl around!”

Holly Mulcahy100704 can relate to Kate. She and her husband, Drew McManus, recently renovated a seventy-ninth floor condo. “You’re drawn to the windows,” she says. They have views of not only Lake Michigan but also downtown Chicago. Dreamy.

The renovation wasn’t exclusively dreamy, Drew admits. It’ll never be finished. A renovation is like all of life. The challenges show you who you are.

“You’re a sparkler,” Helen Gurley Brown once said, “and your home is your setting.” Does it make you feel happy and bright? It matters, you know.