Are you sure there’s no cause for concern?
October 8, 2018

“We hadn’t seen him doing that well in years. He was happy. He’d set goals, he was hanging out with friends, he seemed to have found some hard-earned peace.”

Dr. John Huber says it’s an all-too-common refrain from heartbroken friends and family after someone they love commits suicide. Those supposedly-good signs are often anything but, John adds. They’re a reflection of someone getting his affairs in order -- saying goodbye to friends, finding homes for possessions, looking forward to an end to the suffering.

You’d have to know someone really, really well to grasp how much pain he’s in. And you may never know, because he’s likely perfected the art of hiding it in an attempt to spare you pain. It’s a delicate, impossible dance. And a good reminder to tell the people you love how much you love them.