What pays off?
September 11, 2018

You have at least another hour of work you’d like to finish, but you’re honest about your limits. So you go to bed when you know you should. You wake up rested. Your energy stays high all day, you accomplish so much more than if you’d been dragging, and you’re more fun to be around.

There’s something that bothers you about a colleague and you hesitate to address it. You do it anyway, because you know if you don’t it’ll get worse. Then it’ll get worse again, because the person will wonder why you waited so long to bring it up. If there’s anything more embarrassing than walking around with spinach in your teeth, after all, it’s thinking no one cared enough about you to point that out.

You feel vaguely guilty about taking the lunch hour you’ve been allotted and using it to go on a hard run, with time to shower before you get back to your desk. But in that time you solved not one but three work problems that were giving you fits. What were you feeling guilty about again?

Your energy’s the most precious resource you have. Take good care of yourself, attend to the difficult conversations, and watch it soar.