How do people see you?
September 6, 2018

I’m walking toward the checkouts at Target, thinking of how I want to move through the world. With grace. As someone with a lot to offer. Because that’s where it starts, right? With intention.

A few seconds later -- no kidding, seconds -- a Target gal approached me. “You have such an elegant, classy way about you,” she said! I smiled big, leaned in a little closer to her, and admitted I hadn’t exactly dressed up. “But it’s the way you carry yourself,” she countered.

I told her I’d just reminded myself to stand up straighter and would probably always remember this exchange, the timing was that eerie.

A few months later I pulled the same gal aside to tell her I still think about it every time I walk in the store and at least a couple of other times during the week: “Am I carrying myself in a way that Target gal would notice?”

You can change your life with a single intention. You can change someone else’s life with a passing comment. Makes it a little easier to get up in the morning, doesn’t it?