Do you like cheese?
August 17, 2018

I’d been eating in eight-hour windows, daily, for months. Which meant I was fasting for sixteen hours a day, every day. And sure enough, my hair was getting thinner. My face looked thinner, too.

The scale said 114. Not good.

Overnight I asked the heavens what to do about this and I woke up with an undeniable craving for -- it was more like a calling for -- cheese. I need the protein and I need the fat. So I added cheese back into my diet after going without it for several years, and stick mostly to Parmesan.

I don’t like looking gaunt, and I love my thick hair. The cheese solved both problems immediately. I gained a few pounds. Just enough.

The cost was microbial confusion. The only break I’d taken from my junk-food free diet was in Europe a few years ago. I ate a lot of cheese and ice cream and everything else I’d been denying myself. Now that cheese was part of The Plan, I started looking at a box of Twinkies with the tiniest hint of a question mark.

Then I remembered what’s probably always and only been the problem, which is sugar.

How big of a problem? You’ll find out tomorrow.