What are you trying to avoid?
August 16, 2018

One benefit of being a small company (a “mom and pop,” literally) is that when we need to take a meeting, we take a meeting. We don’t have to ask an assistant to ask someone else’s assistant to schedule one. No calendar invites. We turn around in our office chair and ask the other person, “Do you have a minute?”

One thing we’ve noticed is how often our meetings start about noon. They sometimes go a while, too -- which is unusual for us. Or not, once we remember what’s really going on: “Running avoidance.”

We run in the middle of the day as a break from the screens, but in the winter it’s such a project to dress warmly enough. As much of a hassle as that is, it’s more fun than running in the heat. Heat means sweat. Sticky. Sticky sweat. Yuck.

So after a while one of us will remind the other person the route isn’t going to run itself, and within a few minutes we’ve begun.

What are you putting off?