Is this a good time to talk?
August 15, 2018

“May I interrupt you, please?”

You might be surprised how often Darrell and I ask each other that question, given how rarely -- if ever! -- the answer is no. But it’s the right thing to do. We afford everyone else we work with that courtesy. Why wouldn’t we treat each other with the same respect?

Acknowledging an interruption is a sweet way to lead into it.

Now you can build on the sweetness. Keep the exchange concise. Say, “I need this because…” Why? Because “because” is a magic word. It spares you the “why” and the “why now.”

“I need that bank statement because estimated taxes are due and they should be postmarked no later than tomorrow.” Okay, then.

Have you noticed what I’ve noticed about effective people? They never go “on and on.” They say what they need to say, with a few carefully chosen words. They put all the exclamation points in. And they understand the power of a well-placed pause.

Better stop there!