Why do you work with the people you do?
August 6, 2018

You choose the people you work with. That’s easy to forget sometimes, but it’s true. There’s no law that says you have to work in this office and not that one, this restaurant and not the one down the street, whatever.

Are you tickled for the opportunity to be around your colleagues for hours a day, weeks and months and years of your life?

That’s what struck me about Jane and Kacey Klonsky, the mother-daughter team I interviewed on the show recently. Jane says she’s in awe of her daughter: “I’m totally in awe of her. I’m in awe of her as a person, and I’m in awe of her as an artist.” She elaborated with so much gusto I wondered if I’d ever witnessed more love in my life.

You can work with family and have it work. You can work with people who aren’t family but feel like they are. You can do meaningful work in a meaningful way, around people you like or even love. That’s the whole point, right?