What distracts you?
June 25, 2018

I’m looking out over a sea of attentive faces. Well, maybe not a sea. But a mighty crowded swimming pool! And back in the corner, toward the end of my presentation, a gal pulls out her phone and starts tapping, texting, whatever. I imagine that whatever I’m saying has struck such a chord she wants to take notes and share them now.

Hey, it’s happened.

It’s more likely that whatever she’s doing has nothing to do with me. So I snap out of it. Which is worse, someone who stops paying attention to the speaker and isn’t the slightest bit subtle about it -- or a speaker who’s obviously distracted by that? Letting this person break my rhythm wouldn’t have been a very nice way to reward the others for their engagement.

Go ahead. Make it a project to please everyone. But after a while you might find it’s more fun to go where you’re loved, and stay where you’re wanted.