What fills you up?
June 21, 2018

The HuffPost closed its contributor platform recently. I started writing for the site not long after Radio America picked up the talk show -- and was delighted by how seemingly impossible it would be to peg me as a result. My journalism roots run deep. No sense aligning too closely with the left or the right.

A while back I was corresponding with someone who travels in rarified air. You may or may not have heard of him, but trust me -- the opportunity to even correspond with him was a thrill. That was before he told me he’d been reading up on me, too. My HuffPost pieces. “Wow!” he said.

Which made me wonder (1) what was left to want, and (2) if I should go back through those myself and see what he was talking about. When the HuffPost people said we had the chance to go into those archives and delete anything we didn’t want online indefinitely I thought, “Well, now’s the time.”

I read everything I wrote for the site. And I don’t mind telling you how good I felt afterward! That’s the whole point, right?