Do you take advice from just anyone?
May 29, 2018

Once upon a time I was in a Toastmasters club whose leader was, shall we say, confident. When he told me my hands should be down at my sides while speaking it didn’t occur to me to get a second opinion. Why would it? I hadn’t joined the club because I was already as good as I wanted to be.

That’s one of the first things Dr. Nick Morgan noticed about me when Darrell and Katie and I joined him for a day of coaching last spring. I was an easy sell for keeping my posture open, my hands above my waist. It takes so much energy to keep your hands down and close to your sides. Try it sometime.

Ironically, it signals low energy.

Practically, it made for one strained persona. I’m as high energy as anyone I know, and I was trying to tamp it down. What a relief, not to have to do that.

As I talked with Nick across the conference table, it struck me that I was gesturing just fine in casual conversation. My posture was open, my hands high. Why would it be different just because I stood up? It wouldn’t.

It reminded me what took Darrell forever to get through to me on the talk show. “Just talk,” he’d say. “When the light goes on just start talking the way you’re talking to me right now.” Easier said than done!

That’s the task of all of life, isn’t it? Shed the affectations. Get comfortable with who you really are, and don’t be surprised when you inspire more comfort right back.