How’s your balance?
May 28, 2018

How long can you stand on one leg with your eyes closed without losing your balance? Brain expert Dr. Daniel Amen says if you’re in your twenties you should be able to make it to twenty-eight seconds. By the time you’re seventy? Four seconds.

I’m closer to seventy than twenty, but I’m still going for twenty-eight seconds. I made a big leap recently (so to speak) when I realized how much easier it is to do with my arms outstretched and above my waist.

We’re talking much easier.

It reminded me of the photos and video I’ve seen of surfers. They use their arms for balance. Why did I think I was cheating if I used my whole body to stay upright?

Which reminds me of the worst public speaking advice I’ve ever heard -- and, unfortunately, used. I’ll spill (!) tomorrow.