Can you keep two people happy?
May 23, 2018

The worst way to find out what someone’s thinking is to ask him. That’s according to emotional marketing expert Graeme Newell, who told us on the show recently people rarely make purchases for the reasons they say they’re making them.

I think I’m an exception to that, but who knows? I do know one thing. I like a pretty package. I’m happy to pay a little more for the name brand just for the packaging.

Darrell knows what he likes, too -- a good deal. Which means it drives him more than a little crazy to spend more money for the same shampoo in a different package.

So we buy one beautiful bottle -- price be damned! -- and refill it with generic. The bottle I like is on display, and the shampoo Darrell likes the price of is stashed where I don’t see it.

A great solution to a minor problem, granted. But anyone who’s been married more than a few months can probably attest to the glee at taking even one problem off the list.