What goes in the win column?
May 18, 2018

more flowersWhen it was time to find out who’d advance in the Public Radio Talent Quest, Darrell decided the lawn needed mowing. Smart man. I like a little time to get used to even good news, and there was no guarantee -- not by a long shot -- there would be good news.

There wasn’t. The call never came. So we played tennis with Katie before going out to dinner to celebrate the reaching. I got in touch with someone else that evening about the possibility of working together on a talk show. You press on. It was important to send another proposal right back out into the world. You do not take no for an answer. Darrell laughed when I told him that some people don’t know when to quit: “And I’m one of them.” He laughed harder when I teased Katie I was teaching her resilience “the hard way.” I had a lot of empathy, suddenly, for contestants on The Bachelor: “I thought we had a connection!”

But I wasn’t the same person before I entered the contest. I was a better one, even though it stung to be kicked out of a club I was sure (for a few weeks) I belonged in. We’d had so much fun. We’d created something really good. I’d survived another broken heart, and had coped the same way I had when faced with other disappointments by putting myself right back out there. This was just another opportunity to say, “Well, that chapter didn’t turn out the way I thought it would.”

And then to turn the page.