Are you a good sport?
May 17, 2018

The Public Radio Talent Quest was as close as I can imagine getting to Reality TV (well, minus the TV). When voting closed a few weeks after the auditions were posted I got a sick feeling in my stomach. The experience was winding down, and I’d miss it. Win or lose it would soon be time to move on.

I was probably the only person, I told Darrell, who was a bit terrified of making the next round. “I’m not necessarily pulling for myself,” I teased him. “I’m worried that when they say, ‘What else do you have?’ I’d have to tell them, ‘It was all in those first two minutes!’”

I remember once being told in a career planning workshop we’d approach the workshop as we do life. I approached the talent quest the way I had the workshop. I mostly stayed in my corner of the room, but if someone said something nice to me I said something really nice back. Once in a while I’d venture out and make a comment, start something. But mostly I just watched, took notes, and enjoyed being in the same room where all the drama was unfolding.

Like a true journalist, I guess.

It hurt to want something this much, I admitted. I was so proud of that! Bonus feature: Katie had a front-row seat to the reaching. What would she learn from whatever I learned from the experience? The exciting conclusion in my last post in this series.