What’s the essence of a ritual?
May 10, 2018

I know that look Darrell’s giving me. It’s the same one I almost always get in the morning, the one that’s quickly followed by a question: “How are you?” On this particular morning I don’t wait for him to ask. I tell him I don’t know yet. The coffee hasn’t hit.

Except I don’t say “coffee,” because I don’t drink coffee anymore. I tell him the hot water hasn’t hit.

I still give myself a few minutes to wake up in the morning -- the same few minutes I afford my computer -- but I sip hot water now. I never would’ve guessed that ritual would be as satisfying minus the caffeine, but it is. There’s just something about a beverage so hot you’re forced to pace yourself. I focus on the warmth of the mug, the quiet, the big plans I have for the day.


So I hold the cream, the sugar, and even the caffeine. And it’s still the sweetest bridge between the land of dreams and another day to make them come true.