What do you listen to?
May 8, 2018

You’re on a road trip. You’re driving. You’re in control of the radio. What station do you listen to? One that features political hate talk -- the choices, they are aplenty -- or a music format that features songs you hate?

Neither, right?

Then why do so many people torch precious hours tuned to negative frequencies from the office gossip, the online troll, the supposedly well-meaning family member who was always anything but? Maybe they don’t realize it’s a choice. What they ingest is a choice.

Many years ago, at a workshop, I was challenged to come up with a mission statement for my work. “I want to express myself so precisely,” I decided, “a chord is struck in another soul.” Buoyed by that little gem, I wrote a mission statement for my voice. I wanted people to associate it with “comfort, fun, and a good story.”

It’s difficult to dispense only sunshine. But it’s easier when you’re focused on that!