What hasn’t healed?
April 26, 2018

stick galIn the course of some personal and professional development recently I was in a small group that compared, just to cite one exercise, how we felt about ourselves every day for a week. The hope was that we’d become more comfortable with some pretty admirable qualities. Competence, energy, that sort of thing.

By the last day the trainer was baffled. I was obviously, for example, one energetic woman. But on the surveys I’d taken every day for a week, it wasn’t reflected. I could’ve run circles around the other participants, energywise, but I couldn’t bring myself to score myself high on even something as innocuous as energy.

“What’s going on?” my sweet trainer asked. I told her it was my way of “knowing” my place, not coming on too strong, never thinking I’m “all that.”

This had been one amazing, eye-opening week. Talk about energy! I felt more than equipped to scale the next mountain, careerwise. I’d also learned to tell the truth about my life, or so I thought. Yet here I was. I couldn’t even cop to being high energy on a survey.

People who pull against you can leave a mark. Don't let that define you.