Are you selective about what you dwell on?
April 18, 2018

Once upon a time I caught a ride from a guy who was doing some body work on our Honda. As we passed a construction site he told me about remodeling his house. “I’d been at it for five years,” he said, “and about six months ago I just quit.”

I asked if he was finished. Nope. He quit anyway.

I found that fascinating.

So fascinating it burrowed down deep in my brain somewhere, and it stayed on my mind as Darrell and I started a massive renovation of our own house. With the finish line in sight we discovered the roof repairs we’d made years earlier weren’t holding after all, and water was ruining our beautiful new textured ceilings. Then we discovered the walls weren’t washable. The beautiful new paint we’d admired from so many different angles that practically dazzled in the abundant sunlight could not be washed. And the carpet we’d bought, back when we thought we were still carpet people, was languishing in a warehouse somewhere.

I wanted to finish up while Katie was still in middle school. The house had other plans. So we put those plans aside for a while. We went back to spending our time with Katie, our money on adventures. Eventually we realized our heart wasn’t in this address anymore. We belonged closer, much closer, to Kate -- who by now was grown up.

Did my fascination with Body Shop Guy’s renovation doom ours? I’ll always wonder. And I’ve been mighty careful ever since about what images I focus on.