What keeps you grounded?
April 12, 2018

I’ve had the same goal for as long as I can remember, to catch up with my life.

Laker JazzYou know how it goes. A child is born. Priorities are rearranged. You bring home some of the bacon, do your fair share of the housework, replace the oboe reed (again and again and again) -- and stash the photographs of still another band concert in a digital drawer.

Every time I sat down at the computer to work, there it was. Evidence I was not only not catching up with my life, but falling further behind. Daily.

Maybe you heard about the guy who videotaped so much of his life he was going to need the second half of his life just to watch it. You may have heard about the woman who greeted her husband -- who’d just woken up from a coma -- with a request for their computer password. Maybe you read about the woman who went to the emergency room with a life-threatening problem, and didn’t worry about whether she’d live so much as how her family would deal with all the stuff she’d accumulated.

My digital life was as messy as our house is pristine. One day I decided, “That’s enough.” And every weekday since, I’ve attacked it for a little while every day. It isn’t much. Not enough to put off, and certainly not enough to resent. If we’re going on vacation I make up that time in advance. I’m as devoted to lightening up, virtually, as I am to my workouts.

It’s who I am, now. Five days a week I make a little bit of a dent. I inch ever closer to, well, order.

Forward motion is thrilling.