How do you change the world?
April 4, 2018

Someone asks, “How are you?” You don’t say, “Fine.” Instead you say, “I’m great!”

Try it sometime. You can judge the quality of the people you hang out with by how many of them ask you to elaborate.

If you aren’t surrounded by people who are pulling for you, my condolences. And while I’m not trying to change the world on this point, I think in the privacy of our own homes -- among people who really care about us -- it would help to acknowledge that we, all of us, are indeed gifted.

It might make sharing a quick story or two about that easier in a job interview. It might make us feel better about the ways in which we aren’t gifted. It might feel like there’s more of a point to getting up in the morning if we consider it our mission to share our gifts.

Be kind to yourself. That’s how you change the world.