How do you know you’ve succeeded?
April 3, 2018

“Make lots of memories.”

That advice from a friend after I had Katie has been the sweetest echo as I’ve tried to infuse even supposedly ordinary days with magic. The stakes felt higher last spring when Kate graduated from NYU. There was the all-school ceremony at Yankee Stadium on a Wednesday, and the business school commencement at Madison Square Garden that Friday.

Thursday it was. That was the day Darrell and I had Katie mostly to ourselves. We planned a series of adventures so exquisite our travel agent decided she didn’t want to be a travel agent anymore. She wanted to be a kid again, and have us adopt her.

And our kid? How’d we do by her? Well, as the day unfolded she promised we were hitting it out of the park. Later she made me question the idea you’re only as good as your last at bat.

Because she recently told us about a conversation she’d had with a best pal several months after graduation. “What would your perfect day be like?” he’d asked her on a whim. “I’ve already had it,” she’d said. It was the day I just told you about.

I feel my friend’s presence every time we set off on another adventure with Kate. He died when she was only eight years old, and this post is dedicated to him.