Are you ready with the right line?
April 2, 2018

Your kid made the team. Congratulations. And good luck finding the right thing to say to that child when things get difficult, which they will. That’s why I loved the suggestion to offer this: “I love to watch you play.” Isn’t that a dandy?

With Katie it became, “I love to watch you live.”

It was a great line to have at the ready last summer, when Kate was honored for her contributions to NYU. Darrell and I weren’t prepared for the flowers, the champagne, the balloons -- and most importantly, the most elegant remarks from the kid herself.

We’d later learn other people “never” get this kind of send-off on their last day. As one gentleman put it, “I’ve been in this job for twenty-five years and this is the first time it’s happened.” Katie was about to suggest everyone gather for a photo when I risked embarrassing her. “May I say something?” I asked. “Sure,” she said, smiling. So I said, “Thanks for letting us watch you live. You put on a good show.”

I’ll let you imagine the sweetness that ensued, while I bask in having found a way to tell Kate in front of others -- and with only thirteen words! -- just how lucky we are to know her.